News Update :
चौथौ अधिवेसनबाट सर्वसम्मत रुपले ३ बर्ष अवधिको लागि निर्वाचित चौथौ अधिवेसनबाट सर्वसम्मत रुपले ३ बर्ष अवधिको लागि निर्वाचित नया कार्य समिति समान तह ,समान अबधि समान पेन्सन 26Dec,2012 26Dec,2012 26Dec,2012

Message from President

mes On behalf of Nepal National Pensioners' Association I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn a little bit about our association. NNPA will do its utmost to represent Pensioners of Nepal in all matters that may impact our well-being. All the retired (Pensioner) Person with an interest in the elderly are invited to join the association in our Campaign for pensioners to share in the increasing prosperity and remove the stigma of pensioners poverty for all times to improve the quality of life for all Pensioner. I urge you to join with us. Be a member, make other to became a member and strengthen the association. I hope your visit to our website will provide you with some insight and helpful information about NNPA and what we stand for. If you have any question or suggestions regarding our association, please contact us at your convenience Long live Pensioners Unity
Nar Bahadur Karki

Message from General Secretary

mes Welcome to the Nepal National Pensioners' Association website renewed and revamped website. Here you will find just about everything you want to know about us and much more. If we have missed something you think is important to tell us. Trawl through the site find out who we are and what we do. The Association does a lot. The active and Experienced working committee member. All worked for NNPA very sincerely, and all come from very different department. We welcome your contribution and of course any items you can to send for inclusion in the website. All members would love to hear about your experiences in the good time and bad times too. Tell us about your life now. Use us to make contact, try to be with old friends. If you are all ready NNPA member? Great. If you are not already NNPA members you can join us now, because membership in an association is the life blood of that association. Please note NNPA is an association that advocates for its members on issue of concern to Pensioners (retirees) who receive a Pension.
NNPA is not affiliated to any Particular political party. It is 100% Non Political and Non Profitable organization, but although is a political body fighting for the right dignity, welfare, Prosperity, Honor, respect and to fix recognition of Pensioners (retirees) Now it is in your interest to help us to help you if help is needed. With more member NNPA becomes a stronger voice on your behalf. The website is your website, tell us what you like about it and what you don't. Above all please use it and enjoy it. Thanks.
Sincerely yours
Surendra Raj Singh